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Laura McKenna: A Seasoned Executive Coach Transforming Leadership and Performance

In the dynamic landscape of leadership and professional development, individuals often seek guidance and support to navigate the complexities of their careers. Enter Laura McKenna, a West Point graduate, former Army Officer, Afghanistan Veteran, and award-winning leadership educator. With over two decades of experience leading high-performing individuals and organizations, Laura has seamlessly transitioned her military expertise into the realm of executive and performance coaching.

Military Background, Global Perspective and Leadership Experience

Laura’s journey began as a child: an Army “brat” growing up in a military family, influenced, mentored, and raised by military leaders.  Her background as a military child and her own service-driven relocations, including living internationally in Europe and Asia, equipped her with a unique global perspective.

Choosing the path of military leadership for herself, Laura commissioned as a Military Police Officer, leading organizations during critical deployments to the Pentagon in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and later to Afghanistan. Her versatility shone through as she transferred to Aviation, where she flew Blackhawk helicopters. The capstone and greatest joy of her military career was teaching leadership at West Point, culminating in the prestigious Krzyzewski Award for Character Education Excellence.

Transition to Corporate Leadership and Professional Coaching

Following her military service, Laura transitioned into corporate leadership roles, contributing her skills to manufacturing, physical security, and financial services. Innately driven to empower high performance in leaders and teams, Laura decided to pursue professional coaching, leveraging her leadership skills and diverse background to guide individuals and organizations toward excellence. 

Outside of the military, Laura has been providing executive coaching, human performance coaching, and integrative functional coaching for organizations and individuals for nearly a decade. 

Executive Coaching at Perpetual

Currently serving as a certified coach at Perpetual, a transatlantic talent advisory firm, Laura brings a wealth of experience to her role. Perpetual specializes in supporting clients in building and cultivating human-centric, high-performing cultures. As an executive coach, Laura is dedicated to helping clients develop essential leadership skills and abilities.

Client Focus and Signs for Executive Coaching

Laura works with motivated and achievement-oriented professionals, from influential individual contributors to managers to CEOs. She helps clients overcome obstacles, manage stress, and make strategic decisions. Signs that one might need an executive coach include the desire for personal and professional growth, a frustrating or seemingly insurmountable obstacle, the need for a safe and neutral sounding board, a quest for increased self-awareness, and the aspiration to evolve as a leader.

How Executive Coaches Can Benefit Individuals and Organizations

Executive coaches play a pivotal role in enhancing organizational performance. By working with leaders and teams, they contribute to talent retention and the creation of an engaged and motivated workforce. Laura McKenna’s expertise allows her to assist executives in understanding their innate task-drives, talents, strengths, weaknesses, hot buttons, and derailers, as well as their limiting and unproductive beliefs.  She helps leaders to see, know, equip, and empower the members of their teams.  Laura’s coaching facilitates leaders to evolve, improve performance, create career plans, prioritize and manage tasks, enhance communication skills, improve workplace relationships, and make better decisions.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

The benefits of executive coaching are multifaceted, including but not limited to increased self-awareness, improved self-confidence, improved work performance, happier and more productive relationships, better business performance, improved leadership skills, boosted motivation and focus, greater ability to self-regulate, and more effective decision-making.


In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and professional development, individuals and organizations alike can benefit from the guidance of seasoned executive coaches like Laura McKenna. Her rich background, coupled with a passion for cultivating leadership excellence, positions her as a transformative force in the world of executive coaching, contributing to the success and growth of individuals and organizations across diverse sectors.