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understanding team dynamics

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Understanding team dynamics is an important part of working effectively in a team. It involves being aware of the ways that individuals within the team interact and relate to each other, and using this knowledge to improve communication, increase productivity, and create a positive working environment. To understand team dynamics, it is helpful to pay attention to the behavior of team members and the overall atmosphere within the group. This can involve observing how people communicate with each other, how they make decisions, and how they handle conflicts. By gaining a deep understanding of team dynamics, team members can work together more effectively and achieve their goals.

strategy development & leadership alignment

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Strategic Planning sets the strategic direction for the organization by creating an inspirational and aspirational vision and a strategic roadmap that includes prioritized actions to achieve this objective.

Our Strategic Planning program uses a proven methodology to rapidly produce an aligned and inspirational strategy, in a format that can be cascaded beyond the executive team considering competitors and the dynamic market environment.

mission cascade

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Building on the Strategic Planning process, Mission Alignment aligns an entire organization toward the achievement of its Vision with a particular focus of what needs to be done this FY in order to ensure success. These cascading sessions help drive clarity and accountability throughout the company so that every individual fully understands their part in the plan, their operating boundaries, and what their priorities are to achieve their Mission.

During the Mission Alignment process, executives create their own Mission Plans and that is shared with their leader and peers for feedback and to drive engagement. The process breaks down organizational silos and creates causality between mission critical initiatives and the overarching objectives of the company.

By prioritizing and articulating the Must Win Battles, business leaders can use the outputs from this workshop to ‘check in’ throughout the year to ensure that progress is being made against longer term strategic initiatives in addition to achieving ‘plan’.

culture design & employee engagement

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We help you create a positive and supportive work environment that encourages employees to be engaged, motivated, and productive. This can include things like providing employees with opportunities for professional development, recognizing their achievements, and promoting a positive work-life balance. The right cultural design creates an environment where employees are committed to their work and motivated to contribute to the success of the organization. A workplace with a strong culture and employee engagement  is a more positive work environment overall.

values, purpose and north star development

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People gravitate to organizations they believe have strong visions and missions that guide their decision-making and actions. Why an organization exists and the impact that it seeks to have in the world are paramount to an engaged workforce. Setting goals that point to long-term North Star development and align to an organization’s values, purpose, and actions is the only way to inspire employees to work towards a shared goal.

high performing team accelerator program

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As high-performing team experts, our primary role is to support the development of leaders in the development of their teams. Our proprietary approach is tailored to your team, taking into account your team size, dynamics, corporate culture and change imperatives to design a series of modular workshop sessions that can be configured to achieve the desired “shared understanding, collective will” outcome.

corporate retreats & company conference design & facilitation

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Perpetual takes pride in delivering innovative and engaging programs to help clients take performance to the next level. Whether that is bespoke offsite sessions with executive teams to create strategic plans or facilitating conferences for 200 people to cascade those plans, we have the programs and facilitation skills to ensure these high-profile events hit the mark. Over the past year, we have accelerated our digital learning capabilities and now have the capability to deliver all our programs remotely.