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the intelligent packaging of strategic talent development services, delivered in a retained, annual term

t3® retained services model

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With the privilege of long-term, trusted client relationships, we are constantly (per our “Never Settle” value) in close dialogue with such clients – seeking to enhance the value we provide.


The retained service proposition has been borne out of these conversations and the co-creation of a win:win proposition.


For our clients, it offers a strategic partnership and access to a carefully-tailored, holistic bundling of services – as focused on team development and goal achievement.

capability foundations


Via our proprietary t3® methodology, we create a baseline to understand where your team currently sits and design and apply the right set of solutions to ensure sustainable change and catalyze growth for your firm.


Intellectual Property comprising advisory materials, delivery playbooks (uniquely combining process and knowledge), and pre-built business accelerators.


All Perpetual practitioners have years of actual real world leadership experience – able to initiate and deliver multi-dimensional transformational programs – custom made to each client situation.


Our proprietary t3® diagnostic allows you to assess the current level of organizational health and measure the baseline level of each of the attributes of high-performance.

service elements

design principles

Active account management: we will work closely together – with dedicated account management, to ensure full consumption of the services to drive value from your investment.

Compelling value proposition: saving you approximately 30% compared to an equivalent à la carte service provision.

Flexible: the service model is responsive to changes in your business throughout the term. Using our points (equivalence) system, your initial entitlements can be traded for the equivalent value of other services.

Scalable: you can augment your package entitlements with additional services at discounted rates.

Tailored: the service element entitlements will be aligned with your specific needs. We will use our proprietary, research-backed team-to-togetherness (t3) diagnostic to co-design your specific delivery plan

service packages

features and benefits

features benefits
account management
Perpetual will provide a partner-level account manager – with quarterly review meetings.
Strategic partner oversight and attention – to ensure progress to quality/plan is transparently tracked and service adjusted to adapt to flexible ‘challenges of the moment’.
A research-backed diagnostic, with deep sector data, that allows us to take periodic health-checks and to co-create bespoke programs.
Through our t3® diagnostic platform, you’ll have access to regular health-check results, trends and sector-benchmarking data. These insights will guide your high-performing team journey.
executive searches
Packaged searches have no restrictions. We’ll take on any search you need for Director level (and above) roles in the following functions: sales & marketing, operations/supply chain, HR.
The assurance of knowing that such critical talent acquisition exercises will be expertly delivered. If you need more than the package provision, we discount the additions.
leadership & hr advisory
Access to expert advice and pre-built tools across the full employee lifecycle.
This ‘strategic partner on the shoulder’ will help validate your strategic HR plans and accelerate the associated capability build.
strategy & culture labs
A package of workshops and longer-term interventions - based on our deep t3® methodological toolbox - delivered by people/organizational expert facilitators.
These high energy/impact interventions address the key opportunities for growth (per diagnostic) to accelerate/sustain high-performance.
executive coaching
Qualified and experienced coaches with access to a powerful assessment/coaching toolbox.
Empowering the full potential of selected ‘force-multiplying’ team members to address/resolve current issues and to prepare them for future growth challenges.
talent assessment
Predictive Index assessments to allow you to hire with certainty and to assist in the development of cohesive, high-performing teams.
The provision of insights in order to unlock ‘blocks’ and to build and reinforce desired behaviors/traits.

dedicated team structure

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