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Onboarding gets your employees off to the right start. The first few days at any company are incredibly important, as the tone is set for the rest of an employee’s time there. Let us help you set up your employees for success by designing a thoughtful, comprehensive Onboarding program for them, so they can hit the ground running and shorten the time they need to become effective and impactful.

new leader assimilation program

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The goal of new leader assimilation is to introduce and incorporate a leader into the connections and culture of their new team. When done well, assimilation of new leaders balances expectations and preferences and removes obstacles to success for the new leader and the team members.

building a talent acquisition function

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The competition for game-changing talent and the way that companies think about attracting great people has resulted in a paradigm shift. No longer is recruiting just one part of the human resources stable. It has split out entirely into its own area of expertise and it has become a leading function of any organization. Talent acquisition is about positioning yourself strategically as an organization to attract the best talent, and then adapting to the changing market circumstances to close on those hires. Talent acquisition is tied into the strategic directives of the organization. Perpetual supports clients in designing, building and launching talent acquisition functions and teams.

critical role assessment & development

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Workforce planning involves ensuring that your organization is set to deliver on its value promise; this involves ensuring that ‘critical roles’ in driving the value are identified and filled with your best people.  Perpetual works to support this process, assess talent in various roles, and accelerate their development to deliver maximum value.

performance management

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Performance management is about ensuring people know what is expected of them—inclusive of the “what” (business objectives) and the “how” (values/behaviors), and ensuring they get feedback on where they stand and are recognized/rewarded accordingly.  Perpetual brings a unique approach to performance management that is based on science and challenges legacy approaches still in place today.

culture and wellbeing

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Culture and wellbeing have a significant impact on individuals and organizations. The shared beliefs, values, and practices of a group or organization play a key role in shaping the experiences and behaviors of the people who belong to it and have a significant impact on an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional health. A positive work culture provides support, recognition, and opportunities for growth, which leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

employer branding

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The way a company presents itself to potential employees and communicates its values, culture, and working environment are vitally important because it can affect a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. A strong employer brand can make a company more appealing to job seekers and make it stand out from its competitors. To help you build a strong employer brand, we support you in creating a positive and inclusive work culture, identifying your distinctive competitive benefits, and promoting your unique value proposition to potential employees.