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Yelloh: Shifting Mindsets and Gaining Traction

In the dynamic realm of direct-to-consumer frozen food delivery, Yelloh stands tall as a beacon of culinary innovation and customer convenience. With a legacy etched in decades of expertise, Yelloh has been revolutionizing the way we experience gastronomy through its seamless online platform. Since its inception, Yelloh has been redefining the very essence of frozen food delivery, elevating it to an art form.

At the heart of Yelloh’s success is its unparalleled leadership in the direct-to-consumer space. For years, they have been pioneers, crafting a meticulously curated selection of frozen delights that redefine home dining experiences. From gourmet entrees to delectable desserts, Yelloh’s offerings span a myriad of culinary categories. Their commitment to quality, freshness, and taste is unwavering, making them the go-to choice for food enthusiasts seeking both convenience and excellence in every bite.


The initial stages of Yelloh’s recent acquisition presented unforeseen challenges, prompting significant restructuring efforts within the company. Leadership found it necessary to make strategic adjustments, including changes in financial and procurement roles, to establish a firmer grip on the business operations. Some internal shifts occurred, and while these were part of a broader realignment strategy, they generated concerns among staff regarding institutional knowledge retention. The company faced financial instability, a reality not fully grasped by the employees, leading to an unhealthy division between different factions within the organization


The task involved aligning the organization’s mission, and bringing together the leadership team and 12-18 trusted individuals for a collaborative full-day session. Emphasis was placed on defining objectives in the near term, nurturing cooperation rather than enforcing top-down control. Clear delineation of responsibilities and essential interdependencies was crucial. Protocols for office and remote work, respectful debates, and crisis-solving methods were to be discussed and finalized. Building trust was central, requiring sustained efforts. Change initiatives included envisioning future prospects and ensuring transparent communication through enhanced communication. Depot support needed to be addressed a remote council, weekly discussions, and active engagement, ensuring team alignment with regular progress reports provided to the leadership.


At a critical juncture on their journey, The Yelloh team needed to shift their ways of working. They embarked on a day of discovery with us to gain a better view of what has worked in the past and what they needed to adapt to accelerate success into the future.

To aid in this endeavor, comprehensive surveys were conducted by Perpetual to gather valuable insights. These insights served as the catalyst for Yelloh to run a focused 1.5-day meeting in July, facilitated by Perpetual, aimed at resolving challenges and charting a stable course for Yelloh’s future.  This was done with the idea of fostering a sense of unity and engagement among the team.

The primary focus was on defining immediate objectives, emphasizing the cultivation of cooperation over the imposition of top-down control. Clarity in delineating responsibilities and understanding critical interdependencies was pivotal to this endeavor. Detailed discussions were conducted to finalize protocols concerning both office and remote work dynamics, respectful debates, and crisis-solving methodologies. Building trust emerged as a central theme, demanding sustained and deliberate efforts.


With Perpetual’s guidance, the Yelloh team made great strides over our time together.  They were able to finalize operational protocols, including decisions regarding office and remote work dynamics. Yellow deliberated ways of fostering respectful debate, prompt acknowledgment of opinions, and the implementation of effective problem-solving methodologies. Building trust emerged as a consistent theme, emphasizing its sustained cultivation.

Furthermore, Yelloh needed to address comprehensive change support strategies, envisioning their future together beyond their near-term time horizon, emphasizing ownership and commitment. Communication plans were crafted, reaching out to all employees through town halls and depots. Remote leader training was initiated, aiding leaders in addressing various aspects of the organizational change. The meeting also instated a Remote Sales Representative (RSR) council, fostering high-level change understanding, support, and adaptability.