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Rémy Cointreau | strategy development & leadership alignment

Rémy Cointreau is one of the world leaders in the spirits industry. Rémy Cointreau is the result of the 1990 merger where two great spirits houses, E. Rémy Martin & Cie SA and Cointreau & Cie SA, came together. The organization values terroir, people and time, values which link all of the Houses closely together. The company produces exceptional products for exceptional moments that result from a rigorous selection of ingredients from the best terroirs transformed by time and the expertise of inspired men and women.

Each brand within its portfolio embodies this expertise and unique heritage and all share the same culture of creativity and excellence. LOUIS XIII and Rémy Martin, under the House of Rémy Martin; Mount Gay, St-Rémy, Cointreau, Metaxa, The Botanist, Champagne Telmont and Belle de Brillet, within the Liqueurs & Spirits division; and Bruichladdich, Westland and Le Domaine des Hautes Glaces, composing the Whisky division.

See below how we helped Rémy Cointreau accelerate their business and take the next step on their journey.


Rémy Cointreau was seeking transformational change focused on elevating their sales organization from account-focused operators to true business leaders that drive results through the wholesaler network. To that end, Rémy Cointreau was not interested in tactical sales training, but was more interested in an ongoing intervention designed to usher in a series of programs across a full sales excellence initiative aimed at ensuring Rémy Cointreau brands earned their fair share of attention and results with and through their distributor partners.


This would necessarily involve a coaching aspect as well as a mission cascade and training aspect. We needed to develop coherent bespoke programs that focused on planning a path, together with Rémy Cointreau, and then coach leaders on how best to communicate around this newly developed plan and how this sales restructuring would benefit their teams and ultimately the company as a whole. This included working with leaders directly on the implications of this change for them as well as what and how to communicate this change to the broader team members.


Coach 1:1 top commercial leader on the communications needed. We brought the Extended Leadership Team together on two occasions to help them experience the change at an emotional level, then define it more clearly at a rationale level. Through this process, they learned the challenges they will personally face in leading the change and understood how to lead their people through it by leveraging tips from one another (appreciative inquiry) and Perpetual best practice consultation.


Now in year two of the ongoing collaborative journey together, Rémy Cointreau North America has inculcated new ways of doing business together and they are well on their way to having another record sales year.