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The Perpetual Strategy Enablement program is based around one essential premise – that the vast majority of companies have the necessary talent and ideas in place that will enable them to develop successful strategies and bring them to life – our role is to provide the inspiration, facilitation, structures (and sometimes discipline) to support leaders in bringing their ambitions to fruition, through their teams.

The program begins with Strategic Planning, usually working with the leadership team to set the strategic direction for the company and helping them to paint a picture of what success will look like in a 3-5 year timeframe. By exploring the operating environment, the competition and the strengths and weaknesses of the company itself, executives are able to rapidly build an aspirational and meaningful vision and a strategic plan that will bring this to life. With the ‘north star’ for the company set, the next step is to engage teams in the journey and to create belief and excitement in the opportunity.

Mission Alignment programs then take the key elements of the strategic planning process and translate them into more near term deliverables, objectives and tasks so that each member of the extended team has clarity on what is expected of them, their priorities for action and their cross-functional interdependencies. This important program breaks down silos, identifies friction points and raises the situational awareness of business leaders to understand what is mission-critical, across various functions to enable business success. Once clarity has been reached with the leadership team, the plans can be cascaded throughout each functional area and where necessary cross-functional ‘Must Win Battle’ teams are put together to ensure that the most valuable projects are landed by teams empowered to deliver the required outcomes.

One of the best ways to bring a strategy to life is via a strategy launch conference and at Perpetual we are adept at helping business leaders to make this critical event be a resounding success. By mixing inspirational presentations, strategy launch initiatives, delegate workstreams and highly interactive team-building exercises, we ensure that everyone involved is fired-up and clear about the direction of the company and their part in the journey.

The final element of the Strategy Enablement program is War Gaming. This unique offering provides an opportunity to pressure test the plans that have been developed, in a live market against a determined set of competitors. Outcomes include: Greater clarity of the strategy and how it will stack-up against competitive actions; better cross-functional ways of working and alignment on contingencies that will be required in response to specific scenarios arising.

All of these interventions are typically 2-3 days in duration, are highly interactive and challenge leaders and teams to harness the potential within, with a focus on delivering improved business outcomes. If you would like to take your team on an amazing journey and would like to learn more about our Strategy Enablement programs, please contact Nigel Robinson to learn how his experience in the military, his MBA in Strategic Planning and his 6 years of helping executive teams reach the next level of performance could help your company or brand exceed expectations.