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Fever-Tree NA – Strategic Planning and Annual Company Conference

In the fast-paced world of business, strategic planning is not just a one-time event but a continuous process of refining objectives, aligning resources, and fostering a culture of excellence. For Fever-Tree NA, this journey of strategic planning was elevated to new heights with the support of Perpetual, culminating in an annual company conference that set the stage for success in 2024.

At the heart of this endeavor was the strategic planning session facilitated by Perpetual for the Fever-Tree Executive Leadership Team (ELT) in December. This session was not merely about drafting a plan; it was about fostering collaboration, aligning goals, and igniting a shared vision for the company’s future. Instead of siloed department heads vying for resources, the ELT worked as a cohesive unit to accelerate the business performance of Fever-Tree NA.

Central to this process was the articulation of a clear vision, time-bound yet inspirational, guiding the company’s journey forward. This vision, coupled with strategic initiatives and a purpose statement, formed the foundation upon which the entire organization would rally. But crafting a strategy is only half the battle; effectively communicating and cascading it throughout the company is equally crucial.

In today’s competitive landscape, a well-defined strategy gathering dust on shelves is a recipe for obsolescence. Thus, the Fever-Tree NA Strategy launch conference emerged as a pivotal moment to engage teams, align efforts, and drive excitement for the journey ahead. With a thoughtfully designed agenda, the conference provided the perfect platform for employees to digest the strategic intent, iterate on their understanding, and foster alignment behind the shared vision.

However, the significance of physical presence cannot be overstated. While technology facilitates remote communication, it cannot replicate the energy and camaraderie fostered by face-to-face interaction. The conference brought everyone together, ensuring that the message was heard loud and clear, from the same voice, at the same time.

The primary objectives of the company conference encompassed strategic review, operational cascade, team celebration, professional development, feedback facilitation, knowledge sharing, and social bonding. Each objective played a crucial role in fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and high performance.

One notable exercise undertaken by the Leadership Team was the articulation of individual priorities and their alignment with company outcomes. This not only drove engagement but also made every team member feel valued and integral to the company’s success.

Companywide team experiential exercises also foster teamwork and high-performing team attributes – at the company conference one particular experiential exercise the team deliver excellence and a unique moment in time.

Experiential exercise…. KEY LEARNINGS and TAKEAWAYS…

On reflection of the exercise, there were so many parallels with the Fever-Tree business that were realized. The top 3 would be as follows :

  1. Individual Perfection. We can each perfect our skill within our small group (think sales region or department), and can as a result see that we have succeeded in our role. (the small exercise!). Inherently internal competition is good because it pushes us ALL to higher levels of performance.
  1. Collaboration is key – once groups started learning from one another, the performance of EVERY group improved. BUT…some groups were unwilling to share (trying to win!!), and others said “we don’t need help” (too proud?) despite being at 10-12mins when others were at 25 or 10secs….
  1. Total Company / Team Performance …Taking the business/team to new heights. Learnings – Fever-Tree NA ONLY wins fully when the whole team wins. This was their greatest takeaway for all to take back into their daily jobs.
  • Are we as ELT ensuring that there is total clarity at every level and how things build by sub dept to dept to national?
  • Are we clear on how we can help other parts of the organization achieve their goals?
  • Are we building a supportive collaborative culture that ensures everybody feels supported for success?
  • Are we measuring performance at both sub-team level as well as nationally?

Furthermore, the conference served as a platform to refine and deepen the company’s culture of high performance. By actively embedding values into everyday practices and discussions, Fever-Tree NA demonstrated a commitment to fostering a culture that drives results and inspires excellence.

Physical activities, energizers, and social interactions further enhanced the conference experience, fostering camaraderie and shared experiences among team members. Moreover, the post-conference feedback loop ensured continuous improvement and informed future event planning.

The strategic planning session and annual company conference, supported by Perpetual, have positioned Fever-Tree NA for success in 2024 and beyond. By aligning goals, fostering collaboration, and nurturing a culture of excellence, Fever-Tree NA is poised to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. As we reflect on this journey, one thing is clear: investing in strategic planning and cohesive team experiences yields tangible and intangible dividends, driving organizational success and employee engagement.