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Q&A with Perry Green, Sales and Strategy Development Leader

1) How highly do you rank a company’s brand with regards to staff attraction/retention?

I see companies like USAA, Salesforce and Wegmans as the platinum standard for attracting and retaining top level talent. Their intentional actions show that they see a direct correlation in placing a premium on creating a value-based culture. The reciprocal value is rewarded by the standard of excellence everyone infuses back into the company. This is one of the first leadership lessons I learned from my mentor Kim Jeffrey.

2) What do the organizations that your company sponsors gain from the relationship?

What I have seen in the past is how we as a company were able to lend our reach and voice to a very specific cause. In the end, it gave the organization we sponsored a greater platform to get their message out and have the results they desired. In return the sponsorship gave us as a company an opportunity to say to our employees, “this is our heart beat.” We experienced this in real time in working with the local food banks during several natural disasters.

3) What do you consider the biggest challenges for a VP Sales these days?

I think the biggest challenge for a VP of Sales is remembering that their title says Sales. There is a myriad of business partners internal and external like finance, logistics, brand and marketing that want to have a gage on your dashboard. At any given time, the importance of each gage on the dashboard of the vehicle may change; however, the driver must remain the same and that driver is Sales.

4) What would you tell a younger Perry Green?

With my four sons, I have shared with them the difference in “fell and fail”. In both instances you can fall forward or backwards.  Only with “fail” do you get to choose the direction in which you fall. Although I have had the painful displeasure of watching each one of them fail in many endeavors like a younger me, the difference has been their ability to fail forward.  My constant encouragement to them is to keep failing forward, because it continues to point them in the direction they want to go.

About Perry Green – LinkedIn

Perry Green is an Executive level CPG Sales Leader who is passionate about people leadership and developing genesis brands. He is a maximizer seeking new opportunities in a role focused on the development of the sales team.