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Vita Coco | Sales Development: Perpetual’s Transformative Support

For over a decade, Vita Coco has been redefining the beverage industry, blending health, taste, and sustainability into every drop. Since their inception, Vita Coco has stood as a beacon of authenticity, introducing coconut water to the world in its purest form. Founded in 2004, the company has not only weathered the ever-changing tides of consumer preferences but has also emerged as a leader in the beverage market.

Vita Coco is renowned for their expertise in the coconut water category, offering a range of products that epitomize freshness and vitality. As pioneers in the industry, they have carved a niche for themselves, setting the standard for quality and taste. Beyond coconut water, Vita Coco has expanded its influence into various other beverage categories, consistently innovating and elevating their offerings. With a commitment to delivering pure, natural hydration and an unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability, Vita Coco continues to shape the way we hydrate, making every sip a testament to their passion for healthy living and ecological responsibility


In the realm of dynamic and entrepreneurial organizations, Vita Coco stands tall, flourishing for more than 15 years through sheer passion, boundless energy, and an unparalleled product range. Despite their remarkable success, Vita Coco acknowledged the imperative of refining their sales strategies to meet their audacious objective: doubling their business within the next five years. This endeavor posed a substantial challenge, demanding a fundamental transformation of ingrained habits and routines within their extensive 150+ sales organization. In a bold move, Vita Coco embraced this challenge head-on, recognizing that formal sales training was the key to unlocking their full potential. Their journey reflects not just a commitment to growth, but a testament to their resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving market. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into their inspiring story, uncovering the strategies and insights that have propelled Vita Coco to the pinnacles of success.


With a resolute mission in sight, Vita Coco embarked on a transformative journey aimed at revolutionizing their sales approach. Their goal was nothing short of pioneering a paradigm shift within their organization. To achieve this, they set out to introduce the first wave of comprehensive sales training, designed to intricately weave essential processes and skill sets into the fabric of their retail interactions. This initiative encompassed a multifaceted approach, focusing on persuasive selling techniques that would captivate customers, negotiation skills honed to perfection, and meticulous call preparation strategies. The aim was not merely to impart knowledge but to instill a profound understanding of these elements, ensuring they became second nature to every member of their 150+ sales team. This commitment to enhancing core competencies laid the foundation for a more agile, adaptive, and customer-focused sales force, positioning Vita Coco on the cutting edge of the industry. Their dedication to refining these fundamental aspects of their business showcases their unwavering determination to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, making their mark in the competitive market landscape.


Vita Coco’s leadership recognized the importance of leading by example. They took the initiative to undergo training first, allowing them to practice and validate the newly acquired concepts. Subsequently, they imparted these skills to their field teams in a phased rollout. A ‘sales excellence committee’ played a dual role, validating all content and serving as a governance body to ensure the successful application and evolution of these new ideas.

The Three Pillars of Sales Success

Perpetual’s support for Vita Coco extended to three critical components: Sales Training, Leadership Development, and a Sales Capability Framework.

Sales Training:

  • Product Knowledge: Sales training empowered Vita Coco’s team with an in-depth understanding of their products’ features, benefits, and unique selling points. This knowledge was instrumental in crafting effective sales pitches.
  • Sales Techniques: Regular training improved sales techniques, covering everything from prospecting and lead qualification to deal closure. This not only boosted efficiency but also delivered better results.
  • Adaptation to Market Changes: Markets are ever evolving, and what worked yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow. Ongoing training kept Vita Coco’s salesforce current on industry trends and customer needs.

Leadership Development:

  • Motivation and Morale: Well-trained leaders had the ability to inspire and motivate their sales teams, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
  • Coaching and Mentorship: Effective sales leaders took on the role of coaches and mentors, helping junior salespeople learn and grow. This direct influence positively impacted team performance and skill development.
  • Strategic Alignment: Sales leaders ensured that their teams’ activities aligned with the company’s broader objectives and strategies, enabling them to set targets, track performance, and adjust as necessary.

Sales Capability Framework:

  • Consistency: A well-defined sales capability framework enforced a uniform approach to selling across the organization. Consistency was crucial for maintaining a strong brand image and delivering a consistent customer experience.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding: The framework streamlined recruitment and onboarding by clearly defining the skills and competencies necessary for sales roles. This facilitated the identification and recruitment of the right talent.
  • Performance Evaluation: With the framework in place, it became easier to assess the performance of sales professionals and provide targeted training and development opportunities to bridge any gaps.


In essence, Vita Coco’s sales transformation was underpinned by three interlinked pillars, each crucial in fortifying the company’s market presence and ensuring sustainable growth. The continuous training initiatives served as the cornerstone, consistently sharpening the skills of sales professionals. This dynamic learning approach not only kept them abreast of market trends but also enabled them to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing landscape. Simultaneously, leadership development efforts cultivated a motivated and strategically aligned team. These leaders, equipped with a profound understanding of the market dynamics, inspired a culture of excellence, steering the entire organization toward shared objectives.

Additionally, the implementation of a robust sales capability framework provided a structured foundation. This framework ensured consistent performance across teams and facilitated effective talent management. By aligning skills, knowledge, and expertise, Vita Coco established a unified approach to sales, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty. The collaborative efforts of these components resulted in increased sales figures and elevated customer contentment, setting the stage for Vita Coco’s long-term success. Through a strategic partnership with Perpetual, Vita Coco stands well-prepared to achieve its goals, armed with a fortified sales force and a solid foundation for future growth, poised for continued excellence in the competitive market landscape.