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Charlotte Earley


Charlotte is the Director of Customer Experience at Perpetual: and is responsible for candidate and client retention and increasing candidate and client value. Her role has direct oversight on candidate and client feedback intelligence (Perpetual: NPS Candidate and Client Feedback Survey’s) and uses the insights gained from direct and deep knowledge of the candidate and client to create customer-focused strategies that achieve results and improve the customer experience.

In addition to Customer Experience, Charlotte is also responsible for planning and activating our team-to-tribe (t3®) client events overseeing the quality and execution of client and attendee experiences. This includes event sourcing, event staffing, timeline management and on-site execution.

Charlotte lives in Darien, CT, and is always on the go with her two very active, growing teenage boys. She enjoys outdoor living and is also a proud ‘mom’ to two rambunctious dogs that, coupled with her human children, always keep things interesting.