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Béatrice Thomas-Varini

Senior Director

Béatrice’s focus is Luxury, Retail, Fashion, and Beauty where she uses her cultural dexterity and business agility to help her clients build and reinforce strong multicultural teams. She strongly believes that the ability to build and manage cross cultural teams is one of the biggest challenges for any company that is aiming to develop markets internationally.

Béatrice graduated from HEC, one of the leading business schools worldwide, with a master’s degree in management and business with a specialization in “Business Development and Entrepreneurship”. She then worked 8 years in Paris in diverse industries (finance, luxury, data, e-commerce), mostly as a project leader (recruitment, marketing, finance), giving her a strong base of knowledge and understanding of business and organizational structure. In 2012, she started an expatriate and entrepreneurial journey that has led her through South Africa and Ireland and finally to NY five years ago. Along the way, she founded 2 companies both focusing on human capital, career management and transitions, and international mobility, supporting French companies developing business abroad. She has worked with multinational companies, as well as SME’s and individuals.

Béatrice is based in New York where she lives with her husband and 3 daughters. She is a passionate amateur photographer studying at the International Center of Photography and is a member of a French Theatre company that brings her to the stage twice a year for three exhilarating nights.

When she finds time she loves to travel, drink cocktails and obviously wine (with a very strong preference for red or white wine from the Burgundy region).