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Inspiring your hybrid teams to the next level

Silos are prevalent in any organization, even those that operate from the same office.  It’s unavoidable given that our teams are lean and old ways of working are difficult to break. Imagine the challenge of leading a hybrid team, as these challenges are only exacerbated.

But if you truly have a TEAM—one that has a common goal, mutual interdependencies, and rewards for joint success—then it is an absolute must to close the chasm caused by physical distance.  With advances in behavioral economics and neuroscience, enabled by today’s technology, we at Perpetual: can offer a game-changing approach to leading hybrid teams.

This program features immersive & experiential challenges that lead to default ways of working—productive or not—that are then de-constructed through expert facilitation, leading to a better way to operate.  The advantage here is that the team finds their own way there, supplemented by best practices that we can share if appropriate.

the program
four dimensions:


Strategy Enablement

get clarity and alignment on where you are going, how to get there, and the means to bring it to life

‘mission’ (re)alignment, strategy café, cascading alignment – cloud based platform


Leadership Enablement

equip leaders with the tools to lead agile teams remotely

shifting the leadership mindset, agile leadership rituals, executive coaching


Team Enablement

build high performing remote teams throughout the organization

breaking silos, harnessing the collective intelligence of the team, team effectiveness analytics


Talent Enablement

equip your people with the means to deliver remotely

strengths assessment, ways of working, purpose & mindfulness, coaching