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team enablement

As high-performing team experts, our primary role is to support the development of leaders in the development of their teams. We work with your leadership team to create a supportive environment and build the connective tissue that binds your employees into a cohesive and high performing team.


Making your team come together

Our proprietary approach is tailored to your team, taking into account your team size, dynamics, corporate culture and change imperatives to design a series of modular workshop sessions that can be configured to achieve the desired “shared understanding, collective will” outcome.

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Is your TEAM truly TOGETHER? Is it positioned to successfully deliver through the remainder of this year?

Our team-to-togetherness (t3) diagnostic is designed to identify areas of strength and opportunity for your business in order to enhance the readiness of your team to meet the challenges of our ‘new normal.’

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Inspiring your hybrid teams to the next level

Silos are prevalent in any organization, even those that operate from the same office.  It’s unavoidable given that our teams are lean and old ways of working are difficult to break. Imagine the challenge of leading a hybrid team, as these challenges are only exacerbated.

But if you truly have a TEAM—one that has a common goal, mutual interdependencies, and rewards for joint success—then it is an absolute must to close the chasm caused by physical distance.  With advances in behavioral economics and neuroscience, enabled by today’s technology, we at Perpetual: can offer a game-changing approach to leading hybrid teams.

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Developing Mindfulness in the workplace

In this unprecedented and challenging time, developing resilience and mindfulness in the workplace is more important than ever.

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Bringing your leadership to the next level

Coaching teams to excel in a culturally diverse and ever changing global brand landscape.


Creating powerful shared moments that promote high performance

Fundamentally, at the heart of high-performing teams and fast-growth companies are very people-and-values centric cultures. Corporate retreats serve as a vehicle to spread these values across your team.

Perpetual’s Talent Development team has a wealth of experience in working collaboratively with clients to scope, plan and deliver impactful, memorable off-site events.