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talent enablement

Talent is paramount.  It is the basic building block of any team and the way talent is supported is a major differentiator between organizations that are struggling to perform and healthy high performing organizations that are thriving.  We at Perpetual are experts at developing Onboarding programs to welcome new talent to your team in the best way possible as well as creating Learning Academies to support them in their learning and development as they progress their individual skills.  We also can help you and your employees navigate the landscape when it is time for the next chapter through our Outplacement services.


Getting your employees off to the right start


The first few days at any company are incredibly important as it sets the tone for the rest of an employees time there.  Let us help you set up your employees for success by designing a thoughtful, comprehensive Onboarding program for them, so they can hit the ground running and shorten the time they need to become effective and impactful.


Giving your employees the right tools to develop


Our proprietary approach is tailored to your team, taking into account your team size, dynamics, corporate culture and change imperatives to design a series of modular workshop sessions that can be configured to achieve the desired “shared understanding, collective will” outcome.


Career transition for the next chapter


We design tailor-made outplacement programs for professionals in consumer goods who are going though a career transition, supported by one-on-one executive coaching and talent assessments that reflect an individuals’ key priorities and needs.


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