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talent acquisition

When it comes to building a successful business, talent is key.  It is the lifeblood of any company and the single greatest predictor for success. We at Perpetual: are experts in sourcing and acquiring this talent, be it for permanent hires or short term project work.  Our many years of experience and knowledge of the industry gives us unparalleled reach into the talent pool both actively and passively searching.  Let us help you with all of your Search, Interim, and Talent Mapping needs. See below our service offerings in the Talent Acquisition space.


Designing and delivering your leadership strategy


We live and breathe brands and are passionate about their journey. We participate in their success and build their story by identifying and securing the game-changing talent for their specific needs, unique culture and growth path, from executive to c-suite.


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Providing immediate talent solutions to transform your business


The best expertise with the flexibility and transformational skills required to resolve unexpected business gaps and deliver on strategic gaps.


Blog on how Interim Consultants can help


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Insights for an informed decision-making process


We provide our ongoing research and intelligence to precisely map the marketplace. These tools are invaluable to Boards and HR professionals to plan long-term talent acquisition strategies: knowing the reality of the market and comparing it to your actual needs is key to sound recruitment decisions.


Whether you need to speed up a recruitment process, gain valuable insights into competitor structure and strategies, or improve the return on your recruitment investment, Talent Mapping is your best asset.


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