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why retreats are a powerful ritual of high-performing teams


The role of the corporate retreat – why bother?

Before we dive into the success principles, let’s take a step back and explore the role of the corporate retreat and the “why bother?” question.

We, perhaps, also need to recognise right up front that, for many companies, the concept of “corporate retreats” are somewhat besmirched. This may be due to an association with more prosperous times – as possibly even tarnished by moments of embarrassing corporate largesse. Maybe, in your experience, they were really just an excuse for an executive get-a-way with a minimal pretense for any meaningful output?

If you, and your top team colleagues, have a similar (pejorative) perspective on the matter, we would strongly encourage a re-evaluation. In the increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) nature of business operation – coupled with the empirical fact that executive teams regularly overestimate the level of contextual clarity that exists amongst themselves – there has never been a more pressing strategic backdrop for (well-executed!) corporate retreats.


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