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the future of work sentiment report


The pandemic has no doubt disrupted the way we work—and both employers and employees alike have had to adapt quickly in order to sustain any momentum for their business. Remote work during the pandemic was supported by rapid deployment of new digital solutions, such as videoconferencing, document-sharing tools, and expansion of cloud-based computing capacity. Despite the existence of global or regionally dispersed teams for many years, the shift to having the entire workforce operating in this fashion impacted people in a variety of ways, with much of this research still emerging.

As we move to a post-pandemic reality, it is clear that the future of the way we work will never be the same. Many people report that the increased flexibility afforded from remote work is something they do not want to give up, at least not entirely. Time saved from commuting, proximity to family, and the flexibility to address the needs of both work and home seamlessly stand out for sure. Still, difficulties assimilating new hires into the culture, endless Zoom meetings (leading to fatigue), and rising mental health challenges are among the many challenges to arise as a result.


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