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Empowering A People-Driven High-Performance Culture



Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is perhaps one of the most enduring quotes coming from the study of modern management and it’s as true today as when Peter Drucker published those words back in the 1980’s. And whilst having a plan will always be preferable to not having one, its efficacy is dependent on the team that will bring it to life. It’s the people culture in any business that will make the difference and therefore the implementation and maintenance of a strong and vibrant high-performance culture needs to be at the top of any leaders to do list. 

Indeed, chief executives and their leadership teams often spend considerable time and resource on developing and implementing plans – be that multi-year strategies or in-year ‘budgets’, having refined the process for doing this over many years. This is considered to be one of the key roles required of leaders in any business and quite rightly so. Disruption and innovation in traditional markets in recent years has shortened the planning cycle and the modern trend is to establish multi-year strategies of shorter duration (perhaps 3 years rather than the traditional 5) accepting two things. First that the operating and competitive environment will require a flexible path between the start point and the desired outcomes and second that the culture of the organization will need to be agile in order to navigate this journey successfully. Long gone are the days when executives could set a 5-year plan and sit back and adjust the tiller along the way in a highly predictable marketplace.


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