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Talent Acquisition – Fever Tree

Fever-Tree ended a longstanding agreement with its US sales agent, Brands of Britain, to open its first international office in North America and to take full ownership of the business in the US. Fever-Tree appointed a CEO (Charles Gibb) for the region in December of 2017, who was tasked to build a team and infrastructure within 6 months in order to launch Fever-Tree USA by June 2018. 

The CEO partnered with Perpetual on the hiring of 15+ positions across Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Supply Chain. The requirement of the search across all roles was specifically to headhunt and target candidates with experience across premium Beverage and Wine & Spirits brands.

Perpetual produced a market mapping exercise of 30+ profiles for each position, pre-screened and narrowed down short lists of top industry talent to move forward to in-person interviews. In addition to pre-screening and initial evaluation of candidates, Perpetual interviewed candidates on site at the Fever-Tree USA office to further assess fit and support the CEO of this startup throughout the interview process.

In collaboration with the Charles Gibb, Perpetual supported the hiring of 15+ key hires for Fever-Tree USA between January and May of 2018.

During the team buildout, we undertook with Fever-Tree, Charles Gibb commented, “WOW!!! Fever-Tree USA is really taking shape now, thanks to you!! We have made sensational progress and now finally have a brilliant team coming together, for which my heartfelt thanks and sincerest appreciation. I’ve completed over 50 interviews, so can only imagine how many people you have screened across the country, the number of mails, follow ups, calls, dealing with every individuals idiosyncrasies etc. !!! (not to mention mine!!) Truly exceptional stuff, and we have started to assemble a great team who I feel confident can kick us off brilliantly in the coming months!!

Once again, my deepest thanks for all your work, for working tirelessly with me, for accepting the changing briefs, being flexible, accommodating and above all generally good humored no matter what!! It’s great to work deeply with you on all aspects of this project, as feel that we are already creating the culture through the recruitment process, and so much synergy exists from day 1!

Once again, massive appreciation and very much hope we have the opportunity for a wee celebration at some stage in coming weeks!”