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WhiteLab Genomics | team-to-togetherness® program delivery

WhiteLab Genomics is a leader in developing advanced gene and cell therapies powered by AI solutions. They are a world-class firm bringing AI breakthroughs to the fields of genomics, data science, and computational biology. Through their proprietary platform they leverage graph knowledge technology and machine learning to help customers discover and design new genomic therapies. Their platform provides in-silico simulations to discover and design optimized solutions. 

WhiteLab Genomics came to us in need of HR support as they felt they were fucntioning at their optimal level. Using our t3® diagnostic, we identified that there was a urgent need for clarity and alignment within the team. WhiteLabs also needed help navigating their Team Dynamics as the team was struggling to be engaged in a fast moving / ground breaking environment. They needed support in many of the areas we touch on in the six attributes of a high-performing team in our team-to-togetherness® program.


WhiteLab Genomics was incubated at Station F and shared its need for HR support with another startup who works in the onboarding tools space that we have worked with in the past. Given their varied needs, we engaged WhiteLab in an initial discovery phase where we could get to know them better and create a safe space for real issues to surface and become apparent. We used our proprietary t3® diagnostic to tease out the areas of greatest opportunity and impact for the company. This upfront work surfaced a series of opportunity areas against which we laid out a series of interventions designed to address the areas of need and strengthen them moving forward.


We were tasked with defacto becoming a proxy for WhiteLab Genomcs in-house HR. They needed someone with expertise in all the facets of employee attraction, onbaording, and retention. A full facilitation in helping them establish their Mission, Vision, and Values and coaching to help them through the myriad of human resources demands that emerge as a company grows form an idea to a fully-fledged entity.


Using our t3® diagnostic, we identified that there was an urgent need for clarity and alignment within the team. We quickly established a plan of attack and in confunction with them created an ongoing delivery to help them through their journey as they went from seed stage to where they are now. We quickly established a hotline for them to bounce day-to-day HR ideas to us as we built their bespoke program that ultimately included: two remote half-day sessions to brainstorm, three days of in-person workshop working towards their mission, vision and values, a one-day team dynamics workshop to address the current behavioral norms, and two days of Strategic Planning and Mission Alignment. We have continued our ongoing relationship with them to build out their onboarding program and using this to onboard thier HR support.


The WhiteLabs Genomics team engaged in very deep and fundamental discussions about their why, their what and their how and have made great progress in clarifying and building a common understanding of the company’s objectives and strategic plan. Via our interventions, they were also able to experiment “in real life” some behavioral ways of working and address malfunctions face-to-face and this has led them to create new rituals and internal processes that have improved collaboration on a daily basis. All of this collaborative work has built trust within the team and forged a strong communication space where all members of the team now have a voice and feel heard.