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Playfly Sports | strategy development & leadership alignment

Setting the strategic intent for a business is a vital start-point to galvanize and motivate the employees toward an inspirational future. One of the key components to land are typically the vision statement that is both inspirational and outcome-oriented and a purpose statement that describes the ultimate ‘why’ for the business.

We had the honor to work with the Playfly Sports leadership team to help them deliver these important components of their strategy and then in order to bring their intent to life, we supported them in identifying strategic workstreams and KPIs to measure progress toward the desired end-state. With inputs to the planning meeting coming from an extended leadership team, this was truly a collaborative initiative, promoting early engagement throughout the process and leveraging the considerable expertise ‘in the room’.

This shows that with a suitable coach/ facilitator, Leadership Teams can put a plan together in a matter of days, not weeks/months, and then spend some time thinking of the implications for individual functions before coming back together to refine the plan and get it ready to be communicated.

The key is having the plan distilled into a format that can be meaningfully cascaded throughout the enterprise, that employees can rally behind, and where actions can be prioritized to deliver success and bring joy to people’s lives as they work to implement it.

As ever there is much work to do in order to activate the strategy and we are looking forward to our continued partnership with the Playfly team as they move to make a real difference in their sector.