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Playfly Sports | company conference design & facilitation

@ Villanova University

Like all teams, the Leadership Team and indeed the Extended Leadership Team needs to invest time and energy to come together as a collective and get onto the plane of high performance and will need to navigate through the Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing journey identified by Bruce Tuckman as far back as 1965. 

This is an important area of focus for a Chief Executive in that it establishes a cultural benchmark for the remainder of the enterprise to emulate: other leaders in the business will witness the behavioral norms exemplified by the Leadership Team and will naturally want to follow, thereby creating a strong movement within the company to upskill in these areas. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Some clients have complex strategies while others are increasingly experimenting with agile planning, where the desired outcome is clearly defined yet the route to achieving it is accepted as being a winding path that may head in directions unforeseen at the time the plan is constructed. Either way, the key is having the plan distilled into a format that can be meaningfully cascaded throughout the enterprise, that employees can rally behind, and where actions can be prioritized to deliver success and bring joy to people’s lives as they work to implement it.

There are some fundamental building blocks that are required to enable any strategy to come to life. Key is a Vision that is both timebound (so that we can measure progress toward achieving it via meaningful KPIs) and inspirational (such that it will drive engagement throughout the company), with a set of strategic initiatives that will bring the overarching strategic intent to life. Other elements that need to be articulated at the strategic level are a Purpose Statement that answers the question, “Why do we get out of bed in the mornings inspired to work to work here,” and a set of values that let everyone know what behaviors we hold dear in our working environment.

A good leadership offsite enables everyone to digest the strategic intent and have time to iterate on their understanding of that via discourse and sensemaking. Done correctly, such meetings have the power to create alignment and engagement behind the strategy and the prospect of an exciting journey ahead for all.

Well done Playfly Sports for this excellent offsite and thank you for partnering with Perpetual in its facilitation and delivery.