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Playfly Sports | company conference design & facilitation

Bringing your team together to bond and get to know each other as individuals can be invaluable. In doing this, you start to create a shared identity and inspirational belief in the opportunities you can create for your customers and team members. We were very lucky to work with Playfly Sports recently bringing together their leadership team in Arizona with the goal of creating a one-team mindset using the tenets of the Team-to-Togetherness® methodology, bringing the learning to life via impactful team-building exercises.

We helped Playfly Sports create meaningful connections among their leadership and hammered out a plan to cascade and engage the broader organization in this one-team mindset. Below are more details on the delivery:


As a 2-year-old company, Playfly Sports had seen meteoric growth via various acquisitions in the sports media space, creating an enterprise of several hundred staff from the various antecedent businesses. Indeed, the growth had come so fast that each of the acquired business units were still operating as stand-alone entities to various degrees which was not the intent of the business leaders. More, they aspired to have a one-team culture that could leverage each other’s strengths and enable the company to compete to win in the market. Plus, this was not the end of the journey; with more growth anticipated, the moment was recognized to change the paradigm from the current state to the aspired future working model focused on unity and collaboration.


Perpetual was asked to help with this Cultural transformation and specifically to develop a 3-day conference in December 2021 to kick-start the desired change program. The event was developed around themes of ‘getting to know one another’ both as individuals but also by increasing understanding of each of the various Playfly divisions, their customers, go-to-market strategies, challenges and opportunities. Another theme was to understand the strategic intent of Playfly, the journey so far and the aspirations for the future so that everyone renewed their excitement and commitment to the vision of the company and the part they had to play in realizing that ambition. Finally, it was also agreed to explore what it would take to become a high-performing team, understanding where Playfly stood on that journey and where the opportunity areas lay for team development.


The approach was collaborative in nature. Perpetual and Playfly worked hand-in-glove to create a program that would deliver the desired effect and to co-deliver it with the senior leaders taking starring roles at the event, ultimately held in Scottsdale, Arizona. The program was innovative, dynamic, and experiential in nature, mixing presentations from thought leaders (including the importance of mindfulness in summiting Everest), moderated ‘fireside’ conversations with the Leadership Team and team-building challenges led by Perpetual that forged collaboration among team members from the various entities. In the lead-up to the meeting, participants took the proprietary Perpetual t3® Diagnostic survey that provided a snapshot of where the team stood on its path to high-performance and stimulated debate around actions to take to accelerate better outcomes.


Ultimately 300 ‘Playflyers’ attended the event, leaving energized, refreshed, and with a greater understanding of Playfly, its history, aspirations, and the amazing opportunities for business and personal growth. Leaders were able to spend quality time with their normally dispersed teams and in a world of ‘Zoom’ working, team members got to meet each other in person, sometimes for the first time! Sub-teams had an opportunity to explore important themes such as DE&I and how the Enterprise Catalyst group could be leveraged to accelerate business performance. The Playfly Women+ team had a chance to come together and drive their mandate forward and share their ideas. Oh, and there was a lot of fun along the way both during the conference itself and specifically into the evening events that provided an opportunity for delegates to relax together after the rigor of the day’s program.