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Outokumpu | high performing team accelerator program

Outokumpu is a global leader in stainless steel. They are the inventor of stainless steel and have a century’s expertise in making advanced materials. Stainless steel, invented a century ago, is an ideal material to create lasting solutions in demanding applications from cutlery to bridges, energy, and medical equipment: it is 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, durable, and hygienic. Outokumpu’s production sites located in Finland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, and the US produce a wide range of stainless steel products.

We are a strategic partner of Outkumpu and are charged with creating and implementing a multi-year journey to examine team and business performance and strive for better results. Read below how we are helping Outkumpu strive for excellence and drive their business to new heights.


The operations team at Outokumpu BA Americas has a spirit of continuous improvement and was looking for a partner that could help them get to the next level of performance and accelerate business outcomes for the team. Perpetual’s focused approach to building human-centric, high-performance cultures was a natural fit for this team, which was looking for practical ideas on how to move to the next level whilst leveraging the international diversity of the leadership team.


Perpetual has been tasked with supporting Outokumpu on a multi-year journey to examine team and business performance and to strive for better results. As such Perpetual introduced its t3® program to provide a framework for discussion and action through the lens of high-performance. Working with the Operations Leadership Team in Calvert, AL and cascading outcomes to the extended leadership, Perpetual has supported Outokumpu to maintain a ‘positive restlessness’ around the subject of performance that stimulates challenging debate and a focus on empowerment and accountability.


The t3® methodology has enabled Perpetual to support the Outokumpu Americas team in a variety of ways, from leading strategy and culture labs, to undertaking one-on-one coaching sessions for senior leaders. The cornerstone of the multi-year program has been the annual performance review and Mission Planning program that promotes accountability and trust throughout the team along with better collaboration with external key stakeholders such as leaders in Commercial and Supply chain functions, reducing friction and enabling better business decisions. Recognizing internal communications as an opportunity area, Perpetual was able to share best practice in this realm, providing a roadmap to improve how information gets to the front line of the company and also implemented a bespoke Leadership Development Program for emerging leaders across the operations team.


The Americas operations team today works in a much more collaborative manner both internally and with external stakeholders. As a result, improving business outcomes has enabled the Americas business to report increasing profitability, raising the profile of team members and delighting shareholders. The program has provided the space and tools to have much needed tough conversations and the relentless focus on high-performance has created a culture of resilience and adaptability that enables success, whatever the market conditions.