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Laboratoires Expanscience/ Babo Botanicals | high-performing team accelerator program

Laboratoires Expanscience is a pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in dermocosmetics, rheumatology, dermatology and the marketing of active cosmetic ingredients.  They own a well-known brand Mustela that includes a line of products with the following ranges: Mustela Baby – Child Normal Skin, Mustela Baby – Child Dry Skin, Mustela Baby – Child Very Sensitive Skin, Mustela Baby – Child Atopic-Prone Skin, Mustela Specific Care, Mustela Sun Protection, Mustela Maternity. Laboratoires Expanscience recently acquired Babo Botanicals who produce a line of personal care products using natural ingredients, as safe for your entire family as it is for the planet.

See below how we helped Laboratoires Expanscience, Mustela and Babo Botanicals accelerate their business and take the next step on their journey.


Leadership was misaligned and marred by inconsistent workload and (given their growth and integrations of a new brand created a lot of friction and opportunities for alignment and growth). Started High Performing Teams pre-pandemic

The acquisition of Babo Botanicals created a situation where 2 distinct cultures and ways of working were being thrown against each other and the resulting friction was affecting morale and productivity. Add to this the lack of social cohesion everyone felt as we all dealt with the effects of the pandemic, and the firm was exhibiting a lack of togetherness and common purpose.


Facilitate the discovery of the purpose statement of the business and the set of values that would be the driving force of the business. We then took the leadership groups of both Laboratories Expanscience and Babo Botanicals on a journey of High Performance that would allow them to find their common purpose and their reason for being.


We ran multiple sessions for the teams that pushed them to dig deeply into their company DNA and distill and rally around a common set of goals. Upon returning to the office from the pandemic there was a unique opportunity to capitalize on the goodwill engendered in this joyous moment of being brought back to a more normal daily work existence to take the leadership team through our proprietary T3 High Performing Team program.


We helped the firm come together at a uniquely important moment in the initial phases of their time together. We facilitated the reintegration into a whole of their in-person and remote teams.

The T3 diagnostic highlighted opportunities to strengthen team dynamics – by enhancing Empowerment and Agile Execution particularly in the areas of:

  • Empowerment – removing bureaucracy and obstacles, especially in relation to HQ ‘requirements’ and ensuring standard processes are in place
  • Agile Execution – finding opportunities to deliver formal and informal feedback and ensuring there is a safe space for people to speak freely

We also identified opportunities to enhance clarity around pay and conditions and ways to ensure team members are more involved in business conversations while continuing to double-down on the genuine connection staff feel toward the brand purpose of sustainability. This keeps staff motivated and enhances team engagement.