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Perpetual’s memorable visit to Bar Convent Brooklyn 2024

In the vibrant heart of Industry City, Bar Convent Brooklyn 2024 was a captivating experience for the Perpetual team. Driven by an appreciation and passion for premium and craft spirits, mixers and ingredients Bar Convent Brooklyn (BCB) provided a welcoming and collaborative environment where pioneers of the bar and beverage community gathered to celebrate and shape the future of liquid culture. This year’s event was a testament to the ongoing evolution and innovation in the world of premium beverages.

Immersing in Liquid Culture

The Perpetual team arrived at BCB with high expectations, ready to immerse themselves in the outstanding displays and showcases from some of the most prestigious names in the industry. From William Grant & Sons to Campari, High West, American Metal Whiskey, fast growing non-alc brands such as Three Spirit & Lyre’s, leading mixers such as London Essence and Goslings and premium puree companies such as Les vergers Boiron the event was a curation of the most premium brands driving the cocktail movement. Each booth offered a unique blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and creativity behind every bottle & brand.

Highlights and Innovations

One of the standout experiences for the team was the exhibit by William Grant & Sons. Known for their exceptional range of spirits, their booth was a hub of activity, offering samples of their latest innovations. The team was fascinated at the intricate flavors and craftsmanship that went into each sample, particularly enjoying the nuances of their new gin and whisky blends. Thank you Paul Basford and Team William Grant & Sons.

Campari’s display was equally impressive, highlighting their classic aperitifs alongside innovative new products designed to captivate the modern palate. The team sampled a range of Campari-based cocktails, each one a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy and forward-thinking approach. Thank you Steve Chasen and Team Campari.

High West’s exhibit offered a deep dive into the world of American whiskey. Known for their bold flavors and pioneering spirit, High West did not disappoint. The team had the opportunity to sample some of their finest bourbons & whiskeys, each one a celebration of the rugged landscapes and rich history that inspire their creations.

American Metal Whiskey brought a unique edge to the event with their industrial-themed booth. Their commitment to blending tradition with a rebellious spirit was evident in each sample. The team appreciated the bold flavors and innovative techniques that set American Metal Whiskey apart in a crowded market. Great to catch up Randy Carlson and Team American Metal Whiskey. 

Building Connections

Beyond the outstanding displays and immersive experiences, BCB was an opportunity for the Perpetual team to build and strengthen connections. The event brought together industry leaders, emerging brands, and enthusiasts, creating a vibrant network of professionals passionate about the future of liquid culture. Steve, Huw, and Libby took full advantage of this opportunity, engaging in insightful conversations, exploring potential collaborations, and reconnecting with clients over delicious cocktails.

Meeting new connections and discovering new brands were highlights of the event. The team was particularly excited about the new-to-market innovations they encountered, many of which are set to redefine industry standards. The collaborative spirit of BCB fostered an environment where ideas flowed freely, and best practices were shared, ensuring that the future of the beverage industry remains bright and dynamic.

A Toast to the Future

As the event drew to a close on Day 1, the Perpetual team reflected on the experiences and connections they had made. Bar Convent Brooklyn 2024 was not just an exhibition but a celebration of the passion and innovation driving the beverage industry forward. Steve, Huw, and Libby left with a sense of inspiration, ready to apply the insights and ideas gained from the event to their future endeavors.

In the world of premium and craft spirits, events like BCB are invaluable. They provide a platform for learning, networking, and celebrating the art of beverage making. The Perpetual team extends their gratitude to everyone they met and reconnected with at the event. Here’s to the future of liquid culture and the exciting journeys ahead!