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Perpetual offers its transatlantic expertise in talent management to companies ranging from start-ups to established multinationals

Paris, December 10, 2019 – Founded in 2013 in New York, Perpetual supports its clients in defining their talent strategy to improve their business performance. Building on its success in North America, the company is now opening its first European office, in Paris.

Transatlantic expertise
Perpetual, an HR consulting firm, places human capital at the heart of their business strategy. By developing a trusting relationship with its customers and candidates, Perpetual prides itself on its transparency and humility. At Perpetual, diversity is a true strength and as such Perpetual pays particular attention to the diversity of its teams and that of its customers. Perpetual shares its international expertise and its deep experience in the recruitment of senior executives as well as in optimizing team performance and maximizing individuals for its corporate clients.

Perpetual lives and breathes it corporate values and delivers exceptional results to its clients by respecting these values ​​which constitute the essence of the company, namely:

  • Never Settle
  • 20/20
  • Happy Days
  • Dare + Share
  • Look Up

Today, Perpetual opens its first European office, in Paris, under the direction of Pierre Trippitelli, Managing Partner Europe. We work with Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups, family-owned and private equity-backed businesses. The opening of this office in France will allow us to widen the scope of Perpetual beyond Executive Search and bring expertise and knowledge of the North American market, to all companies looking for transatlantic expertise.

“With many of our clients having a business that spans both the US and European market, we saw an opportunity to leverage our cultural dexterity to offer them a true transatlantic expertise. That’s why Perpetual decided to open a European office in Paris: to be closer to our European customers while remaining true to our human values. We owe it to ourselves to provide our clients with the necessary expertise to optimize their transatlantic expansion project. We will deliver solutions along the three pillars which made Perpetual successful in the United States: Talent Acquisition, Talent Development (individual and collective) and Talent Analytics – the predictive analysis of human skills – EQ, IQ and CQ” explains Pierre Trippitelli.

A true talent advisory to help serve the brands we work with.
Passionate about the world of brands, Perpetual has supported more than 50 leading companies in their transformation and allowed them to reinvent how they manage their human capital. We deliver solutions along three pillars:

Talent Acquisition: Perpetual identifies and recruits tomorrow’s executive managers, who with the proper levels of agility and empathy can adapt to the ever-increasing demands of a volatile market. We offer a tailor-made consultative recruitment approach to an ever-changing talent acquisition market.

Talent Development: Perpetual accelerates the development of companies by leading them through transformative journeys of discovery that allows them to fully utilize the talent already at their disposal.  We offer our clients individual coaching as well as team performance optimization strategies and career transition services.

Talent Analytics: In order to predict the potential of individuals and teams, Perpetual has put in place a new offering that makes it possible to assess individuals and understand the DNA of a companies teams and thus propose relevant HR strategies to maximize their performance.

About Pierre Trippitelli
Pierre Trippitelli is Managing Partner in charge of Europe, and a member of the Board of Directors of Perpetual.

His expertise spans the luxury, health and beauty, agri-food, beverage and consumer durables sectors. Thanks to the hiring of senior executives for American and European companies looking for a stronger international footprint, Pierre has developed considerable experience in the creation and development of companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

His cultural dexterity, between US and Europe, has allowed him to collaborate with many companies, spanning the CAC 40 and Fortune 500, to the world of start-ups. He works with senior executives and human resources departments to improve individual and collective performance and make the most of diversity in the company.

Pierre holds dual French and American citizenship and obtained a master’s degree in commerce and marketing from one of the top 10 French business schools, KEDGE. After graduating, Pierre led several business units across the globe, including Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Europe, before joining an HR consulting firm in Paris.

In 2006, he moved to the United States with the desire to develop the North American presence of large companies in search of European executives. Before joining Perpetual, Pierre worked as a member of the Global Consumer practice at Korn Ferry. After 18 years of international expertise in HR consulting, Pierre is now contributing to the growth of Perpetual, one of the most creative talent consulting firms in the market. More recently, Pierre Trippitelli has followed the executive coaching program of Columbia Business School and is NBI certified.

About Perpetual
Founded in 2013, Perpetual: is a boutique Consumer Brands Talent Advisory firm that consults clients on how to attract, retain, assess and coach what is the most critical resource in any organization – human capital. We work with Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups, family owned, and private equity backed businesses. At the core of our delivery is a trusting and open partnership with our clients and candidates. Our global team prides itself on our high levels of transparency, honesty and integrity. We deliver solutions along three distinct areas:

Talent Acquisition: We acquire the very best talent for your team.

Talent Development: We accelerate the performance of your team

Talent Analytics: We uncover and unleash the potential of your team

We are Perpetual: