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International Confederation of Midwives | cultural alignment via team-to-togetherness

International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is a non-profit that supports, represents, and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. There are currently 140 Members Associations, representing 121 countries across every continent. ICM is organized in six regions:
– Africa (Anglophone and Francophone)
– Americas (North America & Caribbean and Latin America)
– Western Pacific
– Eastern Mediterranean
– South East Asia
– Europe (Northern, Central and Southern)

They Specialize in strengthening Midwives Associations, promoting autonomous midwives as the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women and keeping birth normal, and advancing the profession of midwifery globally.

See below how we helped The International Confederation of Midwives accelerate their business and take the next step on their journey.


The International Confederation of Midwives is a non-profit organization that was struggling with building an aligned culture in the face of the pandemic. They had a very large number of people come on board during this time and these new employees had not had a chance to meet and align with the existing workforce already in place. This was causing friction between these two groups and highlighted that the employees were having trouble aligning their individual purpose-driven nature to a grand unifying organizational purpose.


We came in and facilitated a grand discussion whose aim was to discover what this grand unifying organizational purpose could be for the ICM and help them craft this statement with buy-in from leadership and representation from all levels of the organization. Our job was to get them to better articulate what they did via a clear and concise purpose statement that was buttressed by a strong set of values that would be the driving force of the business


We ran an initial assessment of the entire team through our proprietary Team To Togetherness (T3) diagnostic to identify gaps and areas of discord and opportunity. We designed and ran multiple ideation and discussion sessions for the team whose goal was to push them to dig deeper into their individual beliefs and into the company DNA and distill a commonly agreed-upon set of goals and an articulated purpose that they could all rally around.


The result was a much higher level of understanding and Clarity (our second pillar of the T3 program) with a renewed sense of Empowerment (our third pillar of the T3 program) evidenced by the much higher scores in these areas on the diagnostic assessment given post-intervention. We were successful in connecting the individual purpose present among many of the existing employees to a newly forged grand overall purpose for the firm