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Retaining an executive search firm like Perpetual can be a strategic decision for companies looking to fill senior-level positions with the best and most qualified candidates. A retained search firm is typically contracted to identify, recruit, and evaluate candidates for senior-level positions, with a focus on delivering high-quality talent and providing expert guidance throughout the hiring process.

Here we explore why companies should consider retaining an executive search firm, and why Perpetual is the right choice for organizations seeking to fill senior management positions.

Why Retain an Executive Search Firm?

Access to the most qualified candidates: A retained executive search firm has a deep understanding of the talent market and can identify and attract executives who are not actively looking for a job, resulting in a candidate pool of the best and most qualified individuals.

Confidentiality: An executive search decision is often sensitive, and a retained search firm can maintain confidentiality by revealing the client’s identity at the latest possible stage in the process, keeping it from the client’s competitors and not alienating customers and shareholders.

Expertise in filling knowledge gaps: Retained search consultants invest significant time and effort to understand the client’s organization, culture, and the responsibilities and requirements of the position before initiating the search, filling knowledge gaps with a leader rich in domain know-how.

Broadening diversity: Retained search consultants can broaden the pool of candidates by conducting proprietary research to ensure equal opportunity and identifying, approaching, and persuading candidates who are normally gainfully employed but fit the required skills and bring the desired diversity to the leadership team.

Saving time and resources: A retained search firm engages in the entire due diligence process, from identifying and presenting candidates to assessing them through highly sophisticated methodologies, supporting their integration and on-boarding, and ensuring their long-term success, greatly reducing the time and resources required from the client.

Strategic advantage: Retained search firms are in the business of delivering top performers who drive results, trading up to a top performer who can give the company a strategic advantage.

Why Choose Perpetual?

Intimate, client-focused approach: Perpetual prides itself on providing clients with unobstructed access to the most qualified senior management through C-Suite candidates for transatlantic appointments. The firm emphasizes its ability to avoid « off-limits » issues, which means they can reach out to any potential candidate without any conflicts of interest.

Deep expertise in executive talent: Perpetual has a deep understanding of executive talent and the expertise to ensure the best fit for their clients’ companies. Their recruiters have significant experience in identifying, attracting, and evaluating high-quality candidates for senior management positions.

Commitment to confidentiality: Confidentiality and sound judgment are important to Perpetual, as they strive to ensure strong outcomes for each search.

Global reach: Perpetual has a transatlantic presence, with offices in New York, Paris and Connecticut giving them access to a broad network of candidates on both sides of the Atlantic.

Personalized attention: Perpetual is a dedicated retained executive search firm with a focus on providing personalized attention to their clients. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and provide expert guidance throughout the hiring process.

Let Us Help You Today

By working with us, clients can gain a competitive advantage by identifying and attracting the best and most qualified candidates, maintaining confidentiality, broadening diversity, and saving time and resources. Perpetual’s client-centric approach, sector specialization, and deep expertise ensure that clients receive a bespoke talent solution that aligns with their business strategy and leadership objectives, helping to drive sustainable growth and long-term success.

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