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Brands to Watch: Califia Farms

At Perpetual Insights, we live and breathe brands reinventing tomorrow’s consumer landscape, and we believe people are the most valuable asset in any brand. California based Califia Farms is one brand that’s placing its people at the centre to their mission to build an industry-leader in the beverage space: the new milk of tomorrow. Securing a 50 million dollar investment in July, they are catching the attention of many, including actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto, who are sitting on their board.

In a recent interview with Greg Steltenpohl, CEO and Co-Founder of Califia, he says « I’m pretty much a forward-looking guy and love to build passionate teams that want to nourish and inspire the world! » With that people-strategy and environmental-lover Leo on their board, how could we not pay attention to Califia?

Califia’s motto, « Something Different, Something Better, » truly encompasses a mission-driven brand identity with an innovative spirit. By using less water and land in their proprietary process than that of traditional milk from animals, they are cognizant of not only the environment, but also aware of their consumers, who are demanding healthier choices without wanting to sacrifice their taste preferences. Califia products have actually reduced their sugar content by 57% since 2014, according to their website.